Documenting Success

It can be hard to produce effective and accurate documentation. This training series was designed with that in mind. It equips providers with resources to aid in successful documentation throughout on a consistent basis. 

Utilizing Standardized Assessments to Inform the Service Planning Process: Part 1 - InterRAI

The developers of the interRAI assessment instruments have created Clinical Assessment Protocols (CAPs) for the interRAI Community Mental Health (CMH) and Collaborative Actions Plans (CAPs) for the Child and Youth Mental Health (ChYMH) as an evidence-informed approach to using assessment results for comprehensive service planning. The CAP components include issues, goals of care, triggers, guidelines, and additional resources. In this training, the CAPs for both versions of the interRAI are reviewed, with an emphasis on identifying specific items in each version of the assessment which trigger CAPs to be considered for an individual during the person-centered planning process. 
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Utilizing Standardized Assessments to Inform the Service Planning Process: Part 2 - SIS

Through this training, participants will learn how to use the SIS as one tool in the person-centered planning process. 
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Writing Goals, Objectives and Interventions

This training focuses on how to write the core pieces of a person’s service plan that assist in setting up a strong plan that is clear to the person served and that allows for stronger staff document. Particular focus is placed on the importance of identifying barriers that drive the objective and how to write a strong, measurable, and achievable objective. 
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Training and Coaching DSPs for Excellence in Documentation

This training focuses on teaching how to write a strong documentation note. It walks through the role of the plan writer, core documentation elements and how to best engage staff in this writing process. Specifically, the training identifies required pieces of documentation along with how to assist DSPs in including all the elements in a clear and concise way. 
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Documentation for HCBS Services 

This training educates DSPs on how to write strong documentation notes. It walks through the core elements of good documentation, as well as how to use the already established goals and objectives to enhance the contents of the note. 
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