Strategic Business Partner Membership

Community providers play the vital role of ensuring that Iowans with disabilities have access to their chosen community. These providers employ over 40,000 Iowans, provide services in all 99 counties and annually contribute over $1.3 billion to Iowa’s economy. It is an enormous market. A Strategic Business Partner Membership offers exclusive opportunities to connect with, and market to IACP provider members throughout the year.

IACP Strategic Business Partners are businesses that offer products and services vital to our community providers. Our members look for products and services that build efficiencies, support business operations and enhance service quality. Strategic Business Partners are private entities which do not receive state or federal reimbursement for service delivery.

Click here to view a listing of current IACP Strategic Business Partners.


Continuous Website & Social Media Presence

IACP’s Strategic Business Partner listing features your business’ logo, description and a link to your website. Your business will be spotlighted to offer enhanced exposure on both IACP’s public and members-only web pages, as well as IACP’s social media platforms, throughout the year. These high-traffic sites offer prime exposure to members and other industry professionals.

Exclusive Marketing Opportunities

Strategic Business Partners have the option to offer exclusive webinars detailing and demonstrating their business solutions. Products and services are featured in IACP bulletins several times annually. IACP’s membership recipient list represents over 4,000 decision-makers within member organizations. You will receive IACP's membership contact list each year.

Priority Conference Sponsorship

IACP's premier event is the IACP Annual Conference & Exhibitors’ Showcase held each May. As a Strategic Business Partner, your business will have priority access to sponsorships and recognition in conference materials as part of your participation. This conference draws over 500 management people.

Member Engagement

Strategic Business Partners have numerous opportunities to interact with IACP’s membership through exclusive events, including webinars, training and committee membership. Sponsoring IACP events is an excellent opportunity to connect your product with members.

Relevant Information & Insight

IACP will keep you updated on industry trends and happenings through access to the members-only website content, industry news and events, and membership emails.


To begin the strategic business partner process, click here to download the member application. To learn more, please contact Susan Seehase at [email protected] or call 515.270.9495. We are ready to help you!

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