Strategic Business Partner Membership

Community providers play a key role in ensuring Iowans with disabilities have access to their chosen community. These providers employ over 30,000 Iowans, provide services in all 99 counties and annually contribute over $1.3 billion to Iowa’s economy. Gain exclusive opportunities to connect with, and market to, IACP provider members through the strategic business partner membership. Strategic business partners are companies who help IACP build efficiencies, support business operations and enhance service quality for community providers. 

Strategic Business Partner Definition

A business complementing the mission and vision of the Association with products and services that build efficiencies, support business operations and enhance service quality for provider members.  Strategic Business Partners are private entities which do not receive state or federal reimbursement for service delivery.  


Website Presence

IACP’s strategic business partner listing will feature the partner’s logo, business description and a link to its website. Strategic business partners will be spotlighted through the year to offer enhanced exposure on IACP’s public, and members-only websites. These highly-traveled sites offer prime exposure to IACP members and other industry professionals. 

Exclusive Marketing

Strategic business partners have the option to offer exclusive webinars detailing and demonstrating products and services. Additionally this information will be featured three times annually in an email to our membership, representing over 4,000 recipients including decision makers in each of IACP’s 130+ member organizations. 

Priority Conference Sponsorship

The Annual Conference & Trade Show is IACP’s premier annual event. Strategic business partners have priority access to a wide range of sponsorships, trade show booth placement, as well as recognition in conference materials and presentations. 

Member Engagement

Enhanced opportunities to interact with IACP’s membership through webinars, trainings and committee membership. Attendance at monthly member forums is also an option for connecting with members on a face-to-face basis. 

Relevant Information

IACP will keep you up to date on industry trends and happenings through access to the members-only website content, industry news and events, and membership emails. 


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