Member Benefits

You Can't Afford to NOT Be a Member!

Reason Why #1: Legislative Presence
Influence public policy and drive systems change.

Reason Why #2: Training Opportunities
Engage in learning to succeed in today's competitive human services environment.

Reason Why #3: Regulatory Information
Stay current with regulatory changes, rules and regulations, and cutting-edge strategies for high-quality service provision.

Reason Why #4 - Communications
Keep up to date on the IACP members-only website, the online community forum, the weekly bulletin, timely social media updates, exclusive emails, and so much more.

Reason Why #5 - Engagement
Share your thoughts and ideas with peers by participating in standing committees, membership forums, ad hoc industry-specific workgroups, or board committees.

Reason Why #6 - Benefit Programs
Take advantage of IACP-sponsored employee benefit programs that save you money.

Reason Why #7 - Networking
Connect with colleagues and engage in cross-learning to help your organization operate more efficiently and effectively.

Reason Why #8 - National Representation
With your IACP membership, you are automatically a member of National Council of Behavioral Health and ANCOR! Each entity is at the forefront of shaping critical national policy issues.

Take Advantage of the Opportunities