About the Iowa Association of Community Providers

IACP is the premier state trade association for Iowa disability service providers, representing over 130 community-based organizations.  IACP member organizations employ more than 30,000 people supporting Iowans in need of mental health and disability services and provide services in all 99 counties. In total, this represents an impact of over $1.3 billion to Iowa's economy!

Mission: Relentlessly Advocating for Iowa Providers to Build Healthy Communities

Vision: One day, all Iowans will live, learn, and work in their community of choice.

Goals for the Future

 100% access to affordable, seamless services for all Iowans.

GOAL: Competitive, integrated, community-based employment available for all Iowans.

GOAL: 100% state investment in community-based services, NOT in institutional care.

GOAL: Iowans participate as citizens in and of the community of their choice.