About the Iowa Association of Community Providers

For more than 35 years, IACP has advocated for Iowa providers. IACP is the state trade association representing over 130 community-based organizations of more than 30,000 employees that support Iowans in need of mental health and disability services. We provide services in all 99 counties and annually contribute over $1.3 billion to our state’s economy!

Mission: Relentlessly Advocating for Iowa Providers to Build Healthy Communities

Vision: One day, all Iowans will live, learn, and work in their community of choice.

Goals for the Future

 100% access to affordable, seamless services for all Iowans.

GOAL: Competitive, integrated, community-based employment available for all Iowans.

GOAL: 100% state investment in community-based services, NOT in institutional care.

GOAL: Iowans participate as citizens in and of the community of their choice.