About the Iowa Association of Community Providers

IACP supports Iowa community providers so they can fully support Iowans in need of behavior health and disability services. More than 125 providers across the state look to IACP as a trusted resource in their work to help those they serve to lead more productive and fulfilling lives. This is reflected in IACP’s organization mission and vision.

 Improving Iowa’s Future

By setting goals that align with this mission and vision, IACP is doing its part to advocate for Iowans who need it most. IACP’s goals for the future include:

  • Complete access to affordable, seamless services for all Iowans
  • Make competitive, integrated, community-based employment available for all Iowans
  • Encourage state investment in community-based services, NOT in institutional care
  • Give individuals the opportunity to participate as citizens in the community of their choice

 Strategic Goals

IACP Strategic Goals

Strategic Focus Area: Membership

GOAL:  IACP is the pre-eminent association for members, potential members and stakeholders for Iowa’s healthcare system.
OBJECTIVE 1:  Enhance membership value and engagement.
OBJECTIVE 2:  Increase conversion rate of member prospects.
OBJECTIVE 3:  Increase knowledge of IACP’s value to targeted stakeholders.

Strategic Focus Area: Workforce

GOAL:  IACP members will have a robust, high-quality workforce.
OBJECTIVE 1:  Increase workforce efficiencies with technology applications.
OBJECTIVE 2:  Enhance industry leadership capabilities.
OBJECTIVE 3:  Enhance the understanding of a defined career path.

Strategic Focus Area: Communication

GOAL:  IACP is recognized and utilized as a valued resource within Iowa’s healthcare system.
OBJECTIVE 1:  Enhance effectiveness and relevance of member communications.
OBJECTIVE 2:  Position members to be recognized as valued contributors to healthier communities.
OBJECTIVE 3:  Establish IACP as a valued resource and contributor to the healthcare system.

Strategic Focus Area: Policy and Advocacy

GOAL:  IACP members are informing and influencing public policy through unified support of the association’s vision.
OBJECTIVE 1:  Increase member influence on strategic issues on the national, state and local levels.
OBJECTIVE 2:  Increase unification of IACP’s policy agenda in support of the association’s vision.
OBJECTIVE 3:  Increase member communications to legislators and regulators on unified messages supporting the association’s vision.