IACP urges members to get involved in committee work. This is an opportunity to engage in shaping the work of the Association by advancing its mission, vision and values. 

The Nominations and Elections Committee is providing notice of three board openings for a three-year term beginning January 2021. An employee of an IACP member organization in good standing is eligible for nomination. An organization may not be represented by more than one board position.

Interested individuals must receive the required three nominations submitted through the use of the nomination form.  The nominated candidate must submit a completed application to Susan Seehase by 5pm on July 15, 2020.  Questions may be directed to Shelly Chandler or Susan Seehase.

Click here and download the fillable Nomination Form for the 2020 Election.
Click here and download the fillable Nominated Candidate Application.

Committee Structure

Members may participate on any advisory committee or volunteer to serve on any standing committee. The Nominations and Elections Committee will make all at-large appointments from volunteers having due regard for geographical representation and professional distribution. 

For any inquiries regarding IACP Committees, please contact Shelly Chandler, CEO, at [email protected]. 


Education & Training Committee 

IACP’s Education & Training Committee plans the Annual Conference & Exhibitors’ Showcase and other educational and training opportunities in addition to regularly assessing and responding to members’ training needs. 

Government Relations Committee 

IACP’s Government Relations Committee monitors state and federal laws for current legislative and regulatory matters that may affect the Association membership and holds an open forum for discussion of such matters. 

Membership Committee 

IACP’s Membership Committee is committed to supporting IACP members. Throughout the year, they serve as ambassadors to onboard and mentor new members and conduct annual membership surveys to identify membership needs. 

Political Action Committee (PAC) 

IACP’s Political Action Committee (PAC) raises funds and organizes legislative events that will benefit community providers. By assisting state senators and representatives, the PAC brings a unified voice to advocate relentlessly for the betterment of legislation pertaining to providers and their clients. 

Technology Committee 

IACP’s Technology Committee increases workforce efficiencies by assessing and bringing solutions to technology needs, incorporating technology resources, and promoting online education opportunities. 

Finance Committee 

IACP’s Finance Committee provides support and investment guidance for the Association’s annual budget and audit. This Committee also assesses the impact of legislation and rules on service delivery reimbursement and makes recommendations to the board. 

Nomination & Elections Committee 

IACP’s Nomination & Elections Committee prepares a slate of high-caliber candidates to fill vacancies on IACP’s Board of Directors and IACP’s Committees. 

Executive Committee 

IACP’s Executive Committee relentlessly works to guide and maintain the association. Also known as the Board of Directors, click here to meet the individuals on the Executive Committee.