Iowa Providers PAC

Iowa Providers PAC

The Iowa Providers Political Action Committee (PAC) is a bipartisan commission supportive of IACP's policy priorities. The Iowa Providers PAC makes contributions to the campaigns of legislators who are supportive of the IACP mission, provides opportunities for connection and impacts IACP's ability to relentlessly advocate for Iowa providers to build healthy communities.

ShaneQuotePAC660_1802283.jpgIf you wish to contribute to the PAC and unify the voices of Iowa's community providers, please consider donating online or writing a check made out to the Iowa Providers PAC. Whether you provide a one time, monthly, or annual contribution, your support is advancing the mission that one day, all Iowans will be able to live, learn and work within the community of their choice.

Financial Goal for 2021: Raise $40,000

If 35% of IACP member organization employees contribute $350+ and 50% of member employees participate in some level, this hopeful goal will certainly be accomplished. 

 Help IACP relentlessly advocate and build healthy communities by:

 Make a regular monthly donation to the PAC here.Make a single donation to the PAC here.Or, you can write a check to the PAC.

Click one of the buttons above to make a donation. Contact Susan Seehase at [email protected] with any questions.

2021 Iowa Providers PAC Silent Auction

Iowa Providers' Political Action Committee (PAC) Annual Silent Auction is held every year during the IACP Annual Conference. While this past year was the first virtual silent auction, it yielded great success for the PAC! All of the money raised goes towards funding and organizing legislative events to benefit community provider public policy interests. By assisting state senators and representatives, the Iowa Providers' PAC brings a unified voice to advocate relentlessly for the betterment of legislation pertaining to providers and their clients. PAC funds create opportunities to connect with policymakers on the priorities of IACP members. Iowa Providers PAC hopes to generate $9,000 with the 2021 PAC Silent Auction! How are you going to participate this year?

Call for Baskets

In addition to a financial donation, you can help fundraise for the PAC by donating a basket to the annual Silent Auction! From Hawkeye and Cyclone gear, to fishing or gardening tools, or even a free weekend stay at hotel, the PAC Silent Auction basket item options are endless! Basket submissions are due Monday, March 29, 2021. 

In preparation for the 2021 PAC Silent Auction, we have modified the process to increase the ease of getting each ‘basket’ to the winning bidder. Instead of assembling a physical basket, please see the process on how to donate a basket to the 2021 PAC Silent Auction.

  1. Basket Creation
    • Shop online and take screenshot photos of the item/s you plan to purchase for a basket. Do not purchase yet!
    • Paste photos of the item/s in a Word document. Add the name of your basket and note the estimated value to the top of the page. Click here to view examples of basket submissions. 
    • OR contact Susan Seehase ([email protected]) and let her know that you would like to make a financial donation towards a basket and we will assemble one for you!
  2. Basket Submission
    • Email the Word document to Susan Seehase ([email protected]) and it will be entered in the 2021 PAC Silent Auction to be open for bidding May 11-14, 2021.
  3. Basket Delivery
    • Once the bidding has closed, Susan Seehase will email the winning bidder's name, contact, and shipping address to you. At that time, you will head back to your favorite shopping website, order the items for the basket, and have them shipped directly to the winner! Easy peasy!
    • Questions? Click here to contact Susan Seehase. 

Thanks to the great input of Cheryl Plank and her team at Vision 20/20, your Iowa Providers PAC is offering another way for you to participate in the PAC Silent Auction. If your preference is to create a great basket and you are willing to ensure its delivery to the winner, all we need from you is a picture and a detailed description of what you have in your basket.


Popular basket items from previous years:

  • Iowa, Iowa State and UNI-themed baskets
  • Sport team paraphernalia
  • Fishing supplies, guides etc.
  • Autographed items from various teams or individuals
  • Wine or liquor baskets
  • Hotel nights
  • Timeshares for vacation get-away
  • Themed baskets (Tools, Garden, kids, Beach, BBQ etc.)
  • Farm windows
  • Barn wood frames
  • Gift Certificates

Basket items that cannot be accepted:

  • Live animals
  • Business swag (company logo items)