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How does Relias help our organization meet training requirements?

Relias comes with a vast library of lessons to meet the training needs of Iowa providers. In addition to meeting general training requirements, Relias can help providers meet specific training needs dictated by federal rule and Iowa Administrative Code.  Click on the area below to jump to details: 

Brain Injury Training

Iowa Administrative Code requires the Iowa Brain Injury Training be completed prior to staff provision of services under the HCBS BI Waiver. The state-approved trainings have been loaded to Relias and can be assigned/tracked through the learning management system.

HCBS Employment Services Training

Relias is one of the nationally recognized curriculum accepted in meeting Iowa HCBS training requirements for employment staff.  

HCBS Day Habilitation Training

On February 1, 2021, Iowa requirements for HCBS staff providing Day Habilitation services began requiring after-hire and annual training around the DayHab scope of service.  While the State did not mandate the specific lessons to meet these requirements, this list provides topical areas for compliant training.

Certified Community Behavioral Health Center 

Relias serves over 120 CCBHCs. They have helped organizations not only train and develop their staff, but hire and onboard new staff members quickly and effectively.  Learn more here.

Medication Manager

IACP has developed a DIA-approved Iowa Medication Manager course for use by IACP members on Relias.  Click here for more information.

Iowa HCBS Documentation

A recorded webinar on HCBS documentation for DSPs is expected to be posted on Relias mid-April.

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