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Day Habilitation Training Requirements 

Question Date: 12.2020

Question: What are the new requirements for DayHab providers and when do they go into effect?

Response: New rules for DayHabilitation are going into effect February 1, 2021. These rules make updates to the scope of service and also add additional training requirements for Day Habilitation staff. The new rules can be found in ARC 5307C and amend 441-77 and 441-78.

There is no specific list of mandated trainings. To meet the Day Habilitation training requirements, the content must:

1. Cover topics under the Day Habilitation scope of service (Example - 78.27(8)a in

2. Be focused on provision of services (rather than general trainings, i.e. mandatory reporting, etc.) 

The rule changes mandate this training come from a nationally recognized curriculum such as Relias or DirectCourse.  


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