About Vendor Membership

What is an IACP Vendor Membership?

Associate Members are individuals or businesses who are vendors of services or products, (e.g., legal, financial, technology, insurance products, software programs, office supplies), that support our community providers.

Vendor Membership Benefits

Website Exposure
Additional features are being developed for our website that will include a listing (with logo) of all IACP Associate Members, including an easy link to each organization’s homepage.

IACP Trade Show
Not only do you get a $225 discount for an exhibitor's booth, you also get to meet and interact with current and potential Association members at the IACP Trade Show. This event is presented in conjunction with our Annual Convention, which is held every May at the Scheman Building in Ames, Iowa.

Annual Convention and Trade Show Vendor Registration Form Coming Soon

Your contact information will be listed in our online membership directory, and Association members will know that your services or programs are tailored to meet the needs of their agency.

Meet professionals from the human services field, including state officials and other experts.

Information Central
Quickly get the answers to your questions when you contact the professional staff at IACP. Stay abreast of legislative issues that affect this industry and subsequently your business.

Become a vendor member today! Application coming soon.