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Let's Tackle The Workforce Crisis Together

A Provider Perspective On the Workforce Initiative:

A Word from the CEO:


IACP's #1 legislative priority moving into the 2020 legislative session is workforce.  The work of making an impact on this issue begins now and will require input from all IACP members. During Summer 2019, IACP staff have been meeting with legislative experts and staff from the Mentor Network. Together, we have drafted a plan and timeline for a major workforce initiative during the 2020 legislative session.  

What's First:


IACP is asking members to complete the 2019 Workforce survey to determine vacancy rates and other workforce information for direct support professionals and frontline supervisors.

What you need to know:
  • This survey is focused on DSPs and FLSs.
  • We tried to keep it short.  IACP will be using data from this survey, as well as results from past wage surveys, going into 2020. 
  • The ten questions in the survey are available in a PDF document to help you gather your data. 
  • Use this survey link to enter the data once you have it. 
  • Data is due August 9, 2019. 
  • Addressing the workforce crisis will require we all work together.  We appreciate your time investment in submitting this data and are grateful to each of you for joining in our relentless advocacy.

What's Next:

  • IACP will work to analyze the survey data after August 9, combining the new information collected with past IACP-member data.  A summary document will be compiled.

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