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Learn more about the Fall 2019 TA Regional Trainings here.

IACP's Document Success series can be found here.  This webinar series, originally presented Spring 2019, contains presentations on assessments, service plan development, coaching DSPs on documentation, and HCBS documentation standards. 

I-START Program and Opportunities

Description: For agencies committed to quality, individualized service delivery for people presenting challenging and unique needs, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about this resource. Iowa (I)-START provides prevention and intervention services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health needs through crisis response, training, consultation, and outreach. Learn how to access and utilize I-START services at your agency. 

Presenter: Jim Aberg

Autism Spectrum Disorder - An Introduction

Description: Based on current prevalence rates of autism in children, it is likely that most of us will eventually have close contact with an individual who either has mild autism traits or actually meets diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. This session will provide an overview of what autism is as it applies to individuals with varying levels of IQ as well as include several supports that have been found to be effective for people with these types of skills and needs.

Presenter: Susan Smith, I-TABS / Woodward Resource Center Psychology Dept.

Spring 2019 TA Regional Trainings

Training and Coaching DSPs for Excellence in Documentation

Q&A (1 hr) - Your Questions Answered!  This presentation will be developed based on submitted questions.

MCO Provider Manual Comparison Matrix

HCBS Training Requirements

The Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory

**Please bring copies of the OSU Screening tool and the MPAI Rating Form for use during the training.

Medicaid Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Prevention

Descriptions: Listen to IACP's TA team discuss Medicaid Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Prevention including definitions, federal and state regulations.

What's New? - December 2018 Webinar 

Description: IACP's TA team walks though updated informational letters, rule changes, state and managed care guidance. 

Fall 2018 TA Regional Training


Back to Basics: This training day included a review of the basics you need in order to provide HCBS services in this changing service delivery environment. Many requirements have remained unchanged, but many have been modified, discontinued, or newly added as we have expanded to work with Managed Care Organizations. 

Q&A - Your questions answered! 

Job Analysis & Job Descriptions -  Recruitment, interviewing, training, supervising, and evaluating staff all connect back to understanding the position/job within an agency. Employment services staff can utilize these skills to effectively match potential job candidates with positions, engage with business and industry about customizing positions, and offer this as a service to business when wanting to learn more about positions within a company. 

Therapeutic Interactions: Considerations For Mid-Line Managers - September 25, 2018

The moment-to-moment therapeutic interactions that we have with the people we support have the potential to influence their quality of life. Midline management often supports the person by coaching direct support professionals on ways to interact with the person. 

This presentation will review several considerations regarding therapy services and strategies that could be used by midline managers while initially preparing direct support professionals to work with individuals and as also as challenges arise. 

What's New- July 31, 2018: 
Description: The TA team reviews recent rules, rule changes, informational letters and a series of frequently asked questions related to managed care, informational letters, EVV, rule changes, and much more!

Intellectual Disability and Dementia: Identification and Symptom Management
Description: Individuals with intellectual disabilities are living longer, and the risk of them experiencing dementias is increasing. The special care needs of individuals experiencing dementias can challenge service provider. Knowledge of the condition and related supports are essential in providing dementia-capable care. This webinar will 1) review a “staff-friend” screening tool intended to identify early signs of mild cognitive impairment or dementia in people who have an intellectual disability and/or developmental disability, 2) review a handful of ideas for supporting people with intellectual disabilities affected by dementia, and 3) identify additional resources specific to this topic. 

Amerigroup Webinar for IHH and Habilitation Providers (May 16, 2018)

Medicaid Eligibility

Spring 2018 Regional Training Materials
Description:  This training covered non-residential settings reviews, a back-to-basics presentation, and the semi-annual Q&A presentation. 

What's New:
Description: The TA team reviews recent rules, rule changes, informational letters and a series of frequently asked questions related to the AmeriHealth transition, ID waiver tiered rates and much more!

Disability Rights Iowa on Appeals and Grievances
Description: Cyndy Miller of Disability Rights Iowa will train participants on Iowa's process for grievances in the Medicaid system. They will review procedures and timelines as well as share their experience in supporting Iowans through the process.

Documentation for HCBS Services (October 2017)
Descriptions: IACP and LeAnn Moskowitz (Program Manager, Policy Unit, IME) review HCBS documentation standards. Participants will receive clear direction on what Iowa Administrative Code dictates as acceptable documentation. Rule changes allowing SOME checkboxes in HCBS services are addressed.  

Fall 2017 Training Materials

Person-Centered Planning
This presentation was developed and presented by Derrick Dufresne.

January 2017 - OSHA Webinar

Person-Centered Planning
This presentation was developed and presented by Community Resource Alliance and is focused on person-centered planning in service delivery.

Trauma Informed Care
Trauma-informed care is essential in offering holistic services to people experiencing disability. The infographic and article linked below help to understand how you can encourage wellness among staff who offer service to people who experience trauma. The article outlines the impact of chronic work-related stress and provides examples of how two organizations started their work on prioritizing staff wellness. The infographic offers tips and strategies to be used within organizations to promote staff wellness. 

The webinar by Gladys Noll Alvarez LISW, who serves as the Trauma Informed Care Project Coordinator for Orchard Place/Child Guidance Center, will cover affects of childhood trauma on development, utilizing research compiled around ACES (Adverse Childhood Experience Survey). Webinar participants will leave with a better understanding of the lasting impacts of trauma on future life events and how to incorporate this knowledge into creating a recovery-oriented environment.

December 2016 - IHH/Habilitation Summit
IACP, along with IME and each Medicaid MCO, presented information around HCBS habilitation services. Materials include specifics on authorizations, eligibility, and tiered funding criteria.

November 2016 - Essential Elements of Managed Long-Term Services and Support (LTSS) Programs

June 2016 - Accessing MCO Authorizations
This June 2016 webinar covers what we currently know about the how-tos of accessing authorizations through the MCO portals.

Spring 2016 Training Materials

Fall 2015 Training Materials

Outcomes - 5 Star Quality Project

Winter 2014 Training Materials - HCBS Documentation Requirements

Fall 2014 Training Materials

Winter 2013 Training Materials

Summer 2014 Training Materials

Spring 2014 Training Materials

Summer 2013 Training Materials 

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