Technical Assistance Training Archive

Learn more about the Fall 2019 TA Regional Trainings here.

IACP's Document Success series can be found here.  This webinar series, originally presented Spring 2019, contains presentations on assessments, service plan development, coaching DSPs on documentation, and HCBS documentation standards. 

Back To Basics TA Webinar

Description: This TA training will familiarize providers with numerous resources necessary for quality HCBS service delivery. We will provide an overview of where you can find relevant rules and resources pertaining to HCBS service delivery. Resources will include where to find the Scope of Service, Training requirements for staff, rules around basic documentation, incident reporting, and required content for member's files. We hope you join us for a review of the basics you need in order to provide HCBS services.

Presenter: April Metzger, Hope Have, Inc. and IACP Technical Assistance Team

I-START Program and Opportunities

Description: For agencies committed to quality, individualized service delivery for people presenting challenging and unique needs, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to learn more about this resource. Iowa (I)-START provides prevention and intervention services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) and mental health needs through crisis response, training, consultation, and outreach. Learn how to access and utilize I-START services at your agency. 

Presenter: Jim Aberg

Autism Spectrum Disorder - An Introduction

Description: Based on current prevalence rates of autism in children, it is likely that most of us will eventually have close contact with an individual who either has mild autism traits or actually meets diagnostic criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder. This session will provide an overview of what autism is as it applies to individuals with varying levels of IQ as well as include several supports that have been found to be effective for people with these types of skills and needs.

Presenter: Susan Smith, I-TABS / Woodward Resource Center Psychology Dept.

Spring 2019 TA Regional Trainings

Training and Coaching DSPs for Excellence in Documentation

Q&A (1 hr) - Your Questions Answered!  This presentation will be developed based on submitted questions.

MCO Provider Manual Comparison Matrix

HCBS Training Requirements

The Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory

**Please bring copies of the OSU Screening tool and the MPAI Rating Form for use during the training.

Medicaid Waste, Fraud, & Abuse Prevention

Descriptions: Listen to IACP's TA team discuss Medicaid Waste, Fraud, and Abuse Prevention including definitions, federal and state regulations.

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