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Incident Reports

Question Date: 12.2020

Question: A case manager has asked us to complete a major incident report for a person who went to the emergency department for an illness (not an injury). Have these rules changed?

Response: No. There has been no change to Iowa incident rules around the definitions of major and minor incident reporting.  HCBS Specialists have recently recorded a training specific to Iowa's incident reporting rules.  That training, as well as the slide deck and corresponding FAQs, can be found here.  

While major incident report is not required for an emergency department visit due to illness, it is recommended providers be in communication with case managers and other pertinent members of a person's IDT about such visits. 

Incident Reporting Rule Reference

“Major incident” means an occurrence involving a consumer during service provision that: 1. Results in a physical injury to or by the consumer that requires a physician’s treatment or admission to a hospital; 2. Results in the death of any person; 3. Requires emergency mental health treatment for the consumer; 4. Requires the intervention of law enforcement; 5. Requires a report of child abuse pursuant to Iowa Code section 232.69 or a report of dependent adult abuse pursuant to Iowa Code section 235B.3; 6. Constitutes a prescription medication error or a pattern of medication errors that leads to the outcome in paragraph “1,” “2,” or “3”; or 7. Involves a consumer’s location being unknown by provider staff who are assigned protective oversight. 

“Minor incident” means an occurrence involving a consumer during service provision that is not a major incident and that: 1. Results in the application of basic first aid; 2. Results in bruising; 3. Results in seizure activity; 4. Results in injury to self, to others, or to property; or 5. Constitutes a prescription medication error.



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