Become an IACP Related Industry Partner Today!

Becoming an IACP Related Industry Partner gives you access to IACP policy positions in addition to the Association’s communication on industry priorities and advocacy efforts.   

A Related Industry Partner seeks collaborative opportunities with IACP.  Related Industry Partners do business as an association, funder, region, and/or regulatory entity.  Together with IACP, Related Industry Partners share a common commitment to shaping the industry through policy and other advocacy efforts.  Advancing the industry with a mission to relentlessly advocate for Iowa Providers to build healthy communities is a shared position. 

Annual Related Industry Partner Dues:  $775.00

Related Industry Partner Benefits:

Public Policy: Access to IACP policy statements and initiatives

Communications: Access to IACP weekly bulletin, IACP informational emails, and Invitations to participate in trainings and summits  

Training: Invitations to participate in trainings and summits with discounted registration fees

Have questions?  

Contact Susan Seehase
P: 515-270-9495 ext. 206
E: [email protected]