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IACP members have requested executive-level training opportunities and they are now available. Introducing the Executive Leadership Development Series designed to help leaders further their skills in a variety of relevant industry subjects. By delving into additional leadership experience and knowledge, these executives will be able to invest even more into their teams. Join subject matter experts in a day of executive-level training and stay current with quality service. 


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OPEN TO: ALL members of your C-Suite, not just CEOs and Executive Directors 

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Strategic Planning in Changing Times
leadership and learning are indispensable

IACP Executive Leadership Development

Presented by: Michele Roden & Bruce Kawahara of BluOpal Consulting

Thursday, July 29, 2021, from 10:00 am - 3:00 pm (one-hour lunch break at noon) on Zoom

Calling All Executives
Strategic Planning in rapidly changing times is a difficult process yet is still necessary for the sustainability and success of the organization. Most organizations in changing times are not planful but risk being reactionary to their changing environment. Strategic Planning in these times can identify foundational improvements and develop new focuses for the organization that will be needed even when attention is challenged with meeting day-to-day needs. This workshop revisits fundamental strategic aspects to help organizations move forward in uncertain times.
Learning Objectives: 
  • Discussing what's changing that has affected the participant's organization and what might possibly change in the future
  • Naming important foundational success factors for the participant's organization
  • Designing together how the participant's organization needs/wants to change for future success
  • Considering how these desired changes might be designed for a Strategic Plan to boost the organization's success while still being agile enough to address possible changes
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About the Presenters: Michele Roden & Bruce Kawahara, BluOpal Consulting
Michele Roden, co-founded the coaching and consulting firm BluOpal Consulting, LLC, with Bruce Kawahara over seventeen years ago. She enjoyed a multi-faceted career in Retail and Visual Merchandising for major retailers before she came to the profession of coaching on a dare. Michele has been dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives ever since.
BluOpal wakes leaders and teams up to be better versions of themselves. Clients report becoming more strategic and changing unsuccessful behaviors to have desired impact within their organizations. Michele helps clients draw insight from all parts of their lives and apply learning to what they want to intentionally focus on. With teams, she creates safe space for challenging conversations- particularly with people who have to work together well.
Michele appreciates the journey and individual brilliance to get best results for clients from coaching and consulting. BluOpal has been honored to serve leaders from many industries to be better prepared for the future through strategic planning and the development of people.
Bruce Kawahara, Co-Principal of BluOpal Consulting, LLC, co-founded the coaching and consulting firm with Michele Roden.  Bruce’s prior background in several industries was crystallized with a leadership background in organizational development, training and development, service excellence training, and sales training.  While serving as a VP of Business Integration for a large bank and financial services firm, he joined the International Coach Federation and soon after began his training to become a professional coach where he then met Ms. Roden.
The partners actually began working together as coaches and consultants in 2003 before formally starting BluOpal Consulting in 2004.  Since beginning BluOpal, Bruce has focused on executive, physician, and leadership coaching, helping leaders to develop their skills, relationships, strategic leadership and impact in their organizations.  He also leads and facilitates strategic planning for organizations and co-facilitates leadership and team workshops and retreats.  
BluOpal has gained a lot of experience in serving the healthcare industry, financial services, insurance, senior living organizations and many trade associations.  Bruce is most passionate about serving leaders of organizations who have a mission to better the lives of members and clients.
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