Emerging Leaders Program

Emerging Leaders Program
Gain access to invaluable leadership skills with the Emerging Leaders Program, developed by IACP and SparkPoint Consulting. Designed for leaders at all levels of service delivery, participants will build skills to help them excel in their current position and provide necessary skills for career advancement. 

Over the course of a year, participants work as a group and engage in more than 60 hours of learning activities to earn the IACP Emerging Leader distinction. The program uses the following types of learning to help participants develop and apply new and existing skills:

-  Self-assessment 
-  Two 2-day on-site, in-person, seminar-style courses 
-  Monthly webinars 
-  Independent and group project-based learning activities 


Workforce and Developing Leaders 
Build skills and confidence in identifying key characteristics of a successful workforce, including on-boarding, employee and leadership development. 

Increase awareness of communication styles and competencies to better connect with internal and external partners in order to further organizational goals. 

Organization and Culture 
Development of higher-order leadership skills vital to the health and forward motion of an organization. 

Analytics and Critical Thinking 
Build essential analytical skills required at every level of the organization. 

Individual Competencies 
Self-identify and practice essential competencies setting participants apart as excellent role models and leaders within their organizations. 

Who Should Participate?

This training was developed for leaders at every level of this industry. The content has been structured in a way that will benefit people new to the industry as well as those who are more seasoned. 

What is the Cost?

12-month program (60 hours of instruction): $1,200
Individual 2-day Anchor Sessions: $500
Individual Webinar: $69 for members, $99 for non-members


Enrollment for the 12-month program is limited to 50 participants. The next enrollment session will be announced in early 2021.

Register for Monthly Webinars

Date Pending - Group Project Development and Feedback


For more information, please contact IACP’s Training Director, Ben Woodworth, at [email protected] or (515) 270-9495.