DirectCourse Training Program

7.1.2019 Update

IACP's DirectCourse contract with Iowa ended effective June 30, 2019. Thank you to each system admin who has helped to make Iowa's use of the content and LMS a success.  We have been proud to work with well over 100 HCBS providers throughout the duration of the program.  Since the inception of statewide DirectCourse availability, learners have completed over 1,230,000 lessons!  The commitment of Iowa providers to a highly trained workforce is clear and is to be commended.  

While IACP negotiated an extension for LMS access though July 31 to allow time for transition, all technical assistance requests for the system should now be directed to Jen Matlock ([email protected]). 

IACP trainings on the DirectCourse system will be sunset after July 15.  If staff are currently assigned any of this content, please be sure they complete it by that time. Past IACP Technical Assistance trainings continue to be available on the IACP website.  With questions, email Brita ([email protected]).

If you are no longer planing to use DirectCourse and would like a data file containing the transcript information for your learners, you can reach out to Jen Matlock ([email protected]).  Admins can also run a report to get transcript data.  The path for the Transcript - All Training Report is noted below. 

  • Reports
  • Online Learning
  • Learner Reports
  • Transcript - All Training 
  • Learner Lookup
  • Enter % to query all learners at the same time
  • Move all to right and save & close that window
  • Under Source, be sure to change “All Current” to “Current and Archived"
  • The report can be exported to Excel or CSV after running.

June 2019 Program Update

As you know, IACP was informed by IME Director Randol at the March 18 Member Advisory meeting that IME would not be extending the IACP contract for DirectCourse, effective June 30.  We made multiple requests for follow up by IME, including requesting an Informational Letter to explain process and expectations for the transition.  There has been no communication from IME on this issue since the March 18 meeting.

On May 14, we were informed by several providers who attended the IME Provider training that Amerigroup announced it had partnered with Elsevier (DirectCourse) to offer free training to Amerigroup-contracted providers.

On May 20, at our request, we participated in a conference call with representatives of Elsevier and Anthem (parent company of Amerigroup).  It was clear that Elsevier was ending our contract with them effective June 30, and intended to continue its work with Anthem to offer the DirectCourse colleges.  Neither party had a plan for continuing the Learning Management System (administrative support) after June 30.

After that conference call, IACP reached out to Elsevier and negotiated an extension through July 31, for providers currently using the LMS to ensure their employee records regarding completed coursework were up to date. Providers will be able to continue to access the system in its current form through July 31, 2019.

For those providers intending to continue to utilize DirectCourse for training after July 31, you may contact Bill Waibel at Elsevier ([email protected]) or Paul Calloway at Anthem ([email protected]) to field any questions.

Thank you and please be assured IACP will continue to communicate specifics as we are made aware.

A Program Facilitated by IACP

DirectCourse is comprised of courses in four different sets of curricula in combination with an online learning management system.  The courses were developed specifically for direct support professionals and frontline supervisors and are delivered through:

LOG IN - Be directed to the DirectCourse log in page.

CONTACT - Gain additional information on these exciting training opportunities or obtain technical assistance regarding use of the Elsevier learning management system.

Additional Resources

CES Time Study
Provides an estimate of lesson completion time for content under College of Employment Services. 

DirectCourse Implementation Decisions
A list of decisions and considerations to make during the implementation of an online learning management system.

DirectCourse Intent to Participate Form
Form to notify IACP of agency information and to assign/change learning administrator. 

CES/IVRS Presentation
How to obtain IVRS certification through use of DirectCourse College of Employment Services.

Funding FAQs: 

Q: What is happening with DirectCourse funding?

A: MFP and BIP dollars are not currently expected to continue funding the use of the DirectCourse system. Without a commitment from the State or DHS for further funding, current system access will continue through June 30, 2019.

Q: What will be the cost to continue to use DirectCourse?

A: These details are being worked out with Elsevier and no specific price point has been finalized. The cost to use the system will be per learner, per year. IACP is negotiating a reduced rate for IACP members.

Q: What will happen to non-licensed (non-DirectCourse) training currently uploaded or linked to the LMS?

A:  Access to training through the LMS will be determined by agency participation.  All IACP Technical Assistance Program training currently on the DirectCourse LMS are also available on the IACP website.

Q: If funding is not continued and if we decide not to pay for access, will we have access to our learner records?

A: If further funding is not secured, access to the LMS after June 30, 2019 will be based on agency commitment to pay for system use. Until then, learner transcripts are available for download. We highly recommend you begin this process now.  Downloading of learner transcripts can be done by any system administrator with administrative scope for that learner. If you are unclear regarding the reporting process, email us for instructions or to set up a meeting for a walkthrough. 


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