Iowa Association of Community Providers

One Day, All Iowans Will Live, Learn, and Work in the Community of Their Choice

For more than 35 years, IACP has advocated for Iowa providers. IACP consists of over 150 community-based organizations that provide services in all 99 Iowa counties. Association members serve 140,000 people with disabilities and employ 30,000 Iowans. IACP members annually contribute over 1.3 billion dollars to our state's economy!

You Can't Afford to NOT Be a Member

Reason Why #1: Legislative Presence
Influence public policy and drive systems change.

Reason Why #2: Training Opportunities
Prepare for the competitive environment.

Reason Why #3: Regulatory Information
Keep up with cutting-edge strategies.

Reason Why #4 - Communications
Utilize the website, bulletin, emails, and more.

Reason Why #5 - Participation
Share ideas with by participating in a committee.

Reason Why #6 - Benefit Programs
Access employee programs that save you money.

Reason Why #7 - Networking
Connect with colleagues in your field.

Reason Why #8 - National Representation
Become affiliated with ANCOR, APSE, and NCCBH.

But wait...there's more!

Vision for the Future

GOAL: 100% access to affordable, seamless services for ALL Iowans.

GOAL: Competitive, integrated, community-based employment for people with disabilities.

GOAL: 100% state investment in community-based services, NOT in institutional care.

GOAL: Iowans with disabilities participate 100% as citizens in and of the community of their choice.


"IACP provides the resources needed to effectively advocate on behalf of those we serve."
Bob Hebl - Discovery Living, Inc.

"IACP has been an important part of my professional development." 
Patrick Costigan - Hills & Dales

"IACP is an essential partner as we carry our mission forward now and into the future." 
David VanNingen - Hope Haven, Inc.

"The IACP conference and trainings are vastly superior to others in our industry that I have attended over the years."
Todd Seifert - DAC, Inc.

What else should I know?