Employment Services Training Archive

Transformation and SE Program Development

This package of webinars offers training and discussions around transformation of services and Supported Employment program and team development from a variety of subject matter experts from across the country including Michael Callahan, Lisa Mills, and Abby Cooper.

  1. Customized Start to Finish - Abby Cooper
  2. Integrated Employment Strategies and Building Strong Teams - Michael Callahan
  3. A Focus on Business  - Val Morgan
  4. A Focus on Business II - Val Morgan
  5. High Performing Community Based Vocational Services - Rachel Pollock
  6. High Performing Community Based Vocational Services Part II - LeAnn Moskowitz
  7. Keep Your Head Up: Maintaining Motivated Employment Teams - Wally Talbit
  8. De-Centralization of Services Part I - Karen Williams
  9. De-Centralization of Services Part II - Gina Solberg
  10. Maximizing Partnerships with MCOs - Lisa Mills
  11. Community Integrated Services and Community Mapping - Gail Fanjoy 

WIOA - What's That Got To Do With Us?
October 20, 2016: This IACP TA webinar walks you through the general provisions of the Workforce Investment and Opportunity Act.

WIOA - Iowa Policy and Practice - Partner Training

Iowa's New HCBS Employment Rules
Presented November 2016, LeAnn Moskowitz Program Manager DHS, IME, Policy Unit walks participants through the revised HCBS employment rules. Conversation highlights Iowa's major changes in pre-vocational and supported employment rules.