Member Benefits

You Can't Afford to NOT Be a Member!

Reason Why #1 - Legislative Presence
By being an IACP member, you are able to influence public policy and drive systems change.

Reason Why #2 - Training Opportunities
Experience sessions that prepare you to succeed in today's competitive human services environment.

Reason Why #3 - Regulatory Information
Keep up with regulatory changes, rules and regulations, and cutting-edge strategies for providing services to your clients.

Reason Why #4 - Communications
Utilize the IACP members-only website, the weekly bulletin, timely social media updates, exclusive emails, and so much more.

Reason Why #5 - Participation
Share ideas with peers by participating in advisory committees, standing committees, or membership forums.

Reason Why #6 - Benefit Programs
IACP sponsors an array of internal and external employee benefit programs that save you money.

Reason Why #7 - Networking
Connect with colleagues in your field who can assist with issues so that your agency may operate more efficiently and effectively.

Reason Why #8 - National Representation
Become automatically affiliated with American Network of Community Options and Resources (ANCOR), Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE), and National Council for Behavioral Health (NCBH) - entities at the forefront of shaping critical national policy issues. 

A membership with IACP means an automatic membership with NCBH. Not only do you get important Iowa representation, but you also get critical national news through NCBH.

Take Advantage of the Opportunities