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IACP offers providers the opportunity to be part of a collaborative effort to improve Iowa’s system of care to people with disabilities and mental illness. Our Association not only provides the technical support to help us operate day-to-day services, but also strategies and communication with key decision makers in the legislature and state government. On a personal note, being involved in our Association has been an important part of my professional development with so many opportunities for education and networking with colleagues.

Patrick Costigan, Regional Director - REM Iowa

As I near retirement from the disability field, I cannot leave without expressing what an important asset IACP has been to me and the provider agencies I have been a part of. I worked at my first agency as the Program Director from 1977 to 1979, after working 5 years at ISVRC. I attended my first IACP meeting in 1978. As Executive Director at my current Agency since 1979, (32+ years ago) I have completely relied on IACP for “must have information” to succeed. Each year since that first meeting, IACP has continued to grow, seek excellence, and to become an absolutely necessary organization for providers.

In today’s world of changes with funding, the emerging Affordable Care Act, and now seeking answers for Individuals that we serve lose their jobs in non-integrated settings, Providers need IACP more than ever to navigate forward. I completely trust that IACP will continue to guide providers through the many challenges ahead. The people we serve rely on providers, and providers rely on IACP to assure this segment of our population is not forgotten.

John Winkelman - Howard Center, Inc.

IACP provides much needed technical, regulatory, legislative, and operational guidance to member organizations. As the funding and regulatory environment has become more challenging for human services organizations, IACP leadership has taken a proactive approach that has helped the membership stay current regarding critical service delivery issues. IACP also provides members with routine informational updates, opportunities to share best practices with colleagues, relevant training sessions, as well as the resources needed to effectively advocate on behalf of the people we serve.

Bob Hebl, Executive Director - Discovery Living, Inc.

My affiliation with IACP began with my first CEO post in 1987 and continues through today in my second CEO post in this business. Through all these years I have relied on IACP personnel and members to help guide me in services’ delivery and development, to help me understand impact of various legislative actions, and sometimes to be good listeners to my concerns and opinions. I encourage non-member providers to be part of this valuable resource…today.

Steve Hodapp, CEO - Vocational Development Center, Inc (VODEC)

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