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IACP Membership Benefits for Providers

Provider members are organizations whose missions & core services are consistent with the association. All member organizations provide quality (licensed & accredited) services to children & adults with mental illness & mental health related issues, intellectual disabilities, brain injury & other developmental disabilities. As a provider member, you gain access to IACP's comprehensive knowledge base, connecting you with numerous agencies & businesses in Iowa that provide services to people with disabilities. The following is a list of benefits of being an IACP provider member.

Become a Provider Member: 9 Reasons to Join Today

Reason #1 - Legislative Presence: IACP is recognized as the primary community-based provider association in Iowa. By being a member, your agency acquires the credibility & reputation of the Association.

Reason #2 -
Training Opportunities: Experience sessions that prepare you to succeed in today’s competitive human services environment. You’ll have the opportunity to build upon skills, cultivate relationships with peers, & hear nationally recognized speakers. CEUs are awarded to social workers & licensed behavioral health workers only.

Reason #3 -
Regulatory Information: Have access to the most recent regulatory changes & information on how new rules & regulations affect the operation of your agency. Keep up with cutting-edge techniques & strategies for providing services to Iowans with disabilities. IACP maintains a full set of the Iowa Administrative Code & the Code of Iowa.

Reason #4 -
Publications & Communications: The weekly bulletin gives you & your staff a “snapshot” of the important information each week. IACP's website gives members immediate access to public policy materials & industry news, as well as an opportunity to network with peers on-line.

Reason #5 - Participation: Share good ideas with peers by participating in Advisory Committees, standing committees, or membership forums. Members influence the direction of the IACP & participation is key to IACP moving forward.

Reason #6 - Benefit Programs: IACP sponsors an array of employee benefit programs.

Reason #7 -
Endorsed Vendor Services: Need a product or service to ease the work of your organization & employees? Members receive discounts when taking advantage of the products/services from well established, endorsed vendors. For example, your agency will have access to the IACP’s official office products supplier – Storey Kenworthy.

Reason #8 -
Networking: Meet professionals from the human services field who can assist with issues so that your agency may operate more efficiently & effectively. Network with experts who can help your agency move ahead.

Reason #9 -
National Representation: IACP is affiliated with the American Network of Community Options & Resources (ANCOR) & the National Council of Community Behavioral Healthcare (NCCBH). These two distinguished organizations are at the forefront shaping critical national policy issues.

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