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IACP & Brain Injury

Background: The Iowa Association of Community Providers (IACP) has partnered with the Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) since 2005 to increase the number of brain injury service providers in Iowa & to increase their capacity to serve individuals who have experienced brain injury. IACP develops & provides high quality training opportunities for service providers throughout the state & offers providers access to cutting edge information in the field of brain injury rehabilitation. In 2009, the program was able to hire a full time program director, which is responsible for coordinating these activities, providing in-house training to providers & consulting with them on challenging individual cases & to help develop their internal capacity to serve people experiencing brain injury.

Current program activities include:

  • Regional trainings
  • Scholarships to the Brain Injury Association of Iowa’s annual conference in March
  • Scholarships to the North American Brain Injury Societies annual conference
  • Facilitation of the IACP Brain Injury Advisory group
  • A brain injury externship program designed to give professionals an opportunity to develop further skills & knowledge in regards to brain injury rehabilitation
  • Development of an online curriculum for use by HCBS brain injury providers
  • Provision of training to individual agencies who are either interested in or already serving someone experiencing brain injury
  • Develop of individual agency curriculum for staff training
  • Provision of consultation services to help agency staff deal more effectively with challenging situations.
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